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  Kerala Vaisya Kshema Sabha  


1.      Mr P.Ramaswamy Chettiar,Punalur

2.      N Suresh Babu ,Vazhoor

3.      K.A.Krishnan Chettiar,Amayannoor

4.      C.C.Harikuttan Chettiar,Meenadom

5.      A.R.Gopinath Kanchiyar,Idukki

6.      V.Shanmugham Chettiar,Adoor

7.      R.Sreenath,Punalur

8.      Gopalakrishnan Chettiar,Areepparampu

9.      V.R.Biju,Bharanaganam

10.  M T Venugopal,Erumely


Organizational Structure


This is the committee of the trust members(Directors) of the Sabha. They are permanent members of Sate executive council and State committee and can be elected to their official positions. Elected State president, General Secretary and Treasurer of Sabha will be the invitees in the director board. Total number of Directors should not exceed 15.Director board has an elected  Chairman, Principle Secretary and treasurer as office bearers who are elected by the trust members .Director board controls overall activities of the entire organization


State executive council of the Sabha consists of director board members, office bearers of the state committee, and one member each from all the districts. Council has the authority to formulate various programmes for the functioning of the Sabha. It is also has the power to take decisions in emergency situations.


State committee has the power to take decisions in all fundamental and policy related aspects of the organization. State committee also holds the power to implement all programs formulated by the state executive council. State committee consists of state executive council members, President, Secretary and Treasurer of all district committees, State President, General Secretary and Treasurer of all subsidiary organizations, three state committee members from each district and the special invitees.

State committee has the power to nominate members, if required. There should be a minimum of 15 members to the State committee. They hold the office for a period of 3 years. The office bearers of the State committee are President, Vice Presidents, General Secretary, Secretaries, Treasurer and Additional Secretaries.

Office bearers of present State Committee

President                                 :    P.Ramaswamy Chettiar, Punalur.

Working  President                  :    R.Sreenath,Punalur

Vice Presidents                       :    A R Gopinath Kanchiyar

                                                    C.C Harikuttan Chettiar, Meenadom

General Secretary                   :    A.R Gopinathan,Kanjiyar

Secretary                                 :    M T Venugopal

Treasurer                                 :    K A Krishnan Chettiar,Amayannor

Additional Secretaries             :    D Subash (Thiruvanamthapuram & Kollam)

                                                    R.Muraleedharan, Pathanamthitta & Alleppy

                                                    M Ramnath Kottayam (Kottayam & Idukki)

                                                    V.Mohan Das (Ernakulam & Thrichur)



State general body of the Sabha is constituted by the members of State, district and branch, committees, State president, general secretary and treasurer of subsidiary organizations, president, secretary and treasurer of all district and branch committees. State general body is convened in 3 years. State general body elects the state committee.


State committee has the power to nominate members to advisory committee, if required.Their tenure will be 3 years.


District executive committee consists of office bearers of district committee, state executive council member from the district,3 state committee members from the district and district committee member from the Sakhas(branches).


All the branches in the particular district are directed and controlled by the district committee. District committee also executes programmes authorized by the state committee. District committee consists of office bearers of district committee, members of district executive committee, President, Secretary and treasurer of branch committees, district committee member from branch committees and President, Secretary and treasurer of subsidiary organizations.


District general body is constituted by district committee members, Branch committee members, President, Secretary and treasurer of both district and branch committees of subsidiary organizations of the Sabha. District general body elects the district committee.


Sakha or Branch comes as the lower level unit in the hierarchy of the organizational structure. Sakha is constituted by the Vaisya Community families of the defined area. They also actively participate in the traditional cultural activities of the Vaisya Community. All members are very proud of their great heritage and culture. Sakha meeting begins with ‘Kannaki puja’ which is offered to Goddess Kannaki (Tutelary Deity(Kuladevata)). Each Sakha committee has an elected President,Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, one representative to the district committee, representatives to the general bodies(1 for 20 members) and President, Secretary and Treasurer of the subsidiary organizations.


*Kannaki trust

*Shree Mutharamman Kumbhakuda Samithi.

*Munnokka Samudaya Samrakshana Munnani.

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